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Friday, September 12, 2014

Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay Xbox Cheats

Cigarette List
In the Take Off Platform, find Space Cowboy.

Movie Still #1
In the Dream find Desert Air.

Riddick Movie Teaser And Riddick First Playable 1
In the Feed Ward, find Sensai.

Riddick Prototype #1 And Riddick Combo Trailer
In the Dream, find Hogdahl's Finest.

Riddick Prototype #3 And Movie Prop 1
In the Guard Quarters, find Gronko's bar.

TCoR Combo trailer, Riddick Prototype 1 - Find Hogdahl's Finest in The Dream
Movie Concept Art 03 - Find Candy Candy in Take Off Platform
Game Concept Art 05 - Find Carl's Blend in Courtyard
Game Concept Art 16 - Find Swift in Mining Core
Game Concept Art 19 - Find Charlie's in Tower 17
Movie still 01 - Find Desert Air in The Dream
Movie set 01 - Find Dog Smokes in Feed Ward
Movie set 02 - Find Black Death in Feed Ward
Movie set 03 - Find Charlie's CC in Feed Ward
Game Concept Art 11 - Find Pirate in Feed Ward
Game Concept Art 37 - Find Roulette in Feed Ward
Movie Set 06 - Find Dr. Filur in Infirmary
Game Concept Art 22 - Find Alunda Classics in Mainframe
Cigarette List - Find Space Cowboy in Take off Platform
Game Concept Art 17, TCoR Novelization Rind Mount Noir in The Pit
Game Concept Art 02 - Find OP in The Pit (Pope Joe)
TCoR Movie Teaser, Riddick First Playable 1 - Find Sensai in Feed Ward
Game Concept Art 20 - Find Yoyall in Tower 17 Base
Game Concept Art 39 - Find Starlife in Tower 17 Base
Game Concept Art 06 - Find Clemens in Tower 17 Base
Game Concept Art 29, Riddick Prototype 4 - Find Noname in Tower 17 Base
Movie Set 09 - Find Painful in Courtyard
Game Concept Art 02 - Find Cone Puffs in Courtyard
Game Concept Art 10, Starbreeze Motion Capture - Find Five Fingers in Couryard
Game Concept Art 24 - Find Voodoo in Prison Area
Game Concept Art 25 - Find The Counts in Prison Area
Game Concept Art 01 - Find The Beetle Blend in Mainframe
Game Concept Art 03 - Find Karavan in The Pit (Dark Tunnels)
Game Concept Art 12 - Find Yups in Showers
Game Concept Art 31 - Find Q in Showers
Movie Prop 01, Ridick Prototype 3 - Find Gronkos Bar in Guard Quarters
Game Concept Art 28 - Find Old Timer in Courtyard
Movie Set 07 - Find Guards in Guard Quarters
Movie Set 04 - Find Red Frog in Work Pass
Game Concept Art 32 - Find Bloss in The Dream
Game Concept Art 26 - Find Tiny Tims in The Work Pass
Game Concept Art 38, Riddick First Playable 2 - Find Sicher in Mine Entrance
Game Concept Art 21 - Find Rolles Rok in Mine Entrance
Game Concept Art 30 - Find Nordqvist in Security Checkpoint
Game Concept Art 23, Riddick First Playable 3 - Find Space Jockey in Upper Mines
Game Concept Art 27 - Find Jimboro in Mining Core
Movie Set 10 - Find Addictive M in Cargo Transport
Game Concept Art 15 - Find Iron Lungs in Feed Ward
Game Concept Art 08 - Find CA Alderholm in Container Route
Game Concept Art 04 - Find 20 Musketeers in Container Route
Game Concept Art 09, Riddick First Playable 4 - Find Robot Smokes in Container Route
Movie Set 08 - Find 68th in Container Route
Game Concept Art 07 - Find Maestro in Container Route
Game Concept Art 13 - Find Mummy in Abandoned Equipment
Game Concept Art 14 - Find Count Gunther in Abandoned Equipment
Movie Concept Art 05 - Find Cloud NO. 17 in Abandoned Equipment
Game Concept Art 18 - Find Enfermo in Cental Storage
Game Concept Art 34, Starbreeze Technolgy demo - Find Greas in Loading Docks
Movie Concept Art 01, Game Concept Art 40 - Find Gawd in Facility Control
Game Concept Art 33 - Find Lungbusters in Courtyard
Movie Set 05 - Find Yoshimi in Courtyard
Game Concept Art 36 - Find MBryo in Aquila Territory
Game Concept Art 35 - Find Habibs in Aquila Territory
Movie Concept Art 04, Riddick Prototype 2 - Find JR Grass in Aquila Territory

Defeating Hoxie's Red Mechs
When you fight Hoxie's Red Mechs, pick up the mini gun. Get the mechs in a line so they cannot hit you and shoot away.

Defeating the Riot Guards
In order to defeat the Riot Guards, you have to shoot them in the back. It is recommended that you get close to them and strafe sideways while shooting them in the back. They are slow and cannot keep up. In addition, do not forget to pick up the Riot Guard's minigun.

Defeating the Heavy Riot Guards
At the Loading Dock, you cannot hope to take this monster out with any weapon. Your best bet is to get the minigun before entering the Loading Dock and shooting the explosive canisters that are circulating over the guard. Make sure to stay out of the line of fire. Keep hitting the canisters until the guard falls.

At the Fuel Station, circle around Heavy Riot Guard counter-clockwise and blast the fuel tanks on the rail above it. You do not need a direct hit to blow it up, but it will speed up the process.

Regaining health
If you are low on health and there is not any Med Stations nearby, look for the flying bug-like creatures that are found throughout the game. Walk up to one and press X. Riddick will eat it, and by doing so will gain health.

Your health is divided up into squares. When you are damaged, the square will start to minimize. At any time you can recharge the last square to the right that is not fully depleted by waiting awhile. This can be done at any time, but it only
recharges your current square. This works faster while crouching.

Feed Ward: Asif's stash
You will be asked by a couple persons to get an item of theirs (an injector and a red tube). Both these can be found by following Asif after buying a shiv from his friend. If you are near him when he hides the money you paid for the shiv, he
attacks and you are killed by the rail defenses. When you see him go into the back of the Feed Ward, move away and wait in the area where there are the guards beating up an inmate. When Asif comes into the area, kill him, then go to the back of the Feed Ward to find a loose panel. The red tube and injector are there, along with the 30 U.D. you paid to get the shiv.

Riding the rail: Tranq. Gun
When you are riding the rail, there is a ladder beside it. Go down it and kill the guard in front. Then, go to the ladder in front of you. There should be a Tranq. Gun here.

Upper Mines: Tranq Gun
You can buy a tranq. gun from one of the inmates before you enter the Upper Mines. It is 50 U.D. You can test it on him if desired, and he will not attack. Tranq. guns are useful for stunning enemies and stopping the Riot Guard that goes
around in the Upper Mines.

Beating on other inmates
In the Rec. Ward or fighting ring area, by just punching someone once then backing away for a short while, you can hurt an inmate and not get killed by the rail defenses. If you have enough patience, you can kill an inmate. It will take a

Bug Eating
This is for when you are low on health, when you see one of the bugs flying around press X near it to eat it and it will restore low health meters.

Gas the Guards
Turn on all valves you come across in the game. If a guard stands near a valve that's on, they will pass out. Even works on the riot guards.

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