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Monday, October 13, 2014

Dead to Rights Xbox Cheats

How To Unlock All Chapters
Go to the Press Start screen then go to the "New Game" screen. Now press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Y, X, X.

Prisoners in Hallways
If you don't want to waste health, ignore the prisoners in the hallways who will attack you. Simply run by them and get to the next gate.

Getting Out Of Cells Easier
When trying to get out of cells which have Health, press Y to dive out of the door. This usually lets you fly by any thugs coming into the door.

Instant Camera Repositioning
The games camera has a tendency to give you the worst possible viewing angle at times. In this instances, simply press the Black button twice to postion the camera behind Jack's back.

Killing Flamethrower Guy
If you wanna kill him but your having a problem killing everyone else, first you have to shoot him many times with the mark (use all ammo), then get a Spas which is somewhere on the ground, then you go behind the huge circle thing to get heath. He'll follow you and when he does, turn around and hold down Y (slow dive like the matrix) and shoot with the spas in the air and when you land and hes not dead, shoot all of your other weapons at him while moving in circles so he doesnt hit you.

Defeating Enemies Easily
The best way to defeat enemies is your best friend....shadow! Try to stay in a safe spot and keep low by pressing "L". Target the enemy by pressing "R" and Press "A"! Keep using this technique. If you lose cover while hiding, Tap "Y" real quick in the opposite direction of the enemy. This also works when you are without a gun.

Defeating Tattoo
Tattoo happens to have two henchman who are invincible. Ignore them and focus all of your attention on Tattoo. Immediately start off with a punch combo and then run to the other side of the room. Once on the other side of the room, reposition the camera (by pressing Black button twice) and watch for Tattoo. If you can get him alone, take him on with a punch or kick combo. He is more susceptible to throws than Sickle. Once he is down, retreat to the other side of the room and repeat the process. There are two full Healths in the opposite corners of the room where the laundry baskets are. Make sure you have enough time to get in and out of there without getting trapped. Use the Dive if you have to get by Tattoo or the henchman. This is an extremely difficult boss battle due to the two invincible henchman. Just remember to be patient and wait for the perfect opportunity to attack Tattoo.

Defeating Sickle
Although it's not easy, Sickle seems to be allergic to straight punch combos. Immediately start off with a punch combo. When he gets up, try it again. If he dodges your attack, wait until he's finished and then start a punch combo again. Run around the room a lot. Sickle can't be thrown that easily and it's best to avoid that route unless you get lucky. Dodge or block when necessary, but don't rely on it too much as Sickle can grab you when you are blocking.

Faster Button Tapping When Fighting Mayor Pennacle
If you reposition your fingers over the A&B buttons, you can beat him in like a few minutes with no problem. Use your index finger to hit the A button and your "Bird" finger to hit the B button and you should be able to do it much quicker.

View All Movies
Every time you beat a chapter you get a movie. So if you want to watch all the movies beat the game and when you want to watch the movie/scene over again for some reason like you really liked that scene or some annoying person called you right then. After you beat the game at the main menu go scroll down until you get to where it says "chapters" and select that.

One Shot Kill
At the New game screen press Down, Up, Y(2), X.


How to unlock All Chapters:
Go to the Press Start screen then go to the "New Game" screen. Now press Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, Right, Y, X, X

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