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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Def Jam: Fight for NY Xbox Cheats

Song: Bust by Outkast
Enter BIGBOI as a code.

Song: Chopshop by Baxter
Enter CHOPPER as a code.

Song: Comp by Comp
Enter CHOCOCITY as a code.

Song: Dragon House by Chiang
Enter AKIRA as a code.

Song: Get it Now by Bless
Enter PLATINUMB as a code.

Song: Afterhours by Nyne
Enter LOYALTY as a code.

Song: Koto by Chiang
Enter GHOSTSHELL as a code.

Song; Lil' Bro by Ricbyobyche
Enter GONBETRUBL as a code.

Song: Man Up by Sticky Fingaz
Enter KIRKJONES as a code.

Song: Move by Public Enemy
Enter RESPECT as a code.

Song: Original Gangster by Ice T
Enter POWER as a code.

Song: Sieze the day by Bless
Enter SIEZE as a code.

Song: Take a look at my life by Fat Joe
Ente CARTAGENA as a code.

Song: Anything Goes by CNN
Enter MILITAIN as a code.

Song: Walk with Me by Joe Budden
Enter PUMP as a code.

Song: Poppa Large by Ultramagnetic MCs
Enter ULTRAMAG as a code.

Rewards Points
Go to the cheat menu in extras and enter the following codes:
100 reward points: DUCKETS
100 reward points: CROOKLYN
100 reward points: GETSTUFF
100 reward points: THESOURCE
100 reward points: NEWJACK

Easy Wins
At any place that has a wall, baricade or pole that you can slam your foe into, use in excess. These do MASSIVE damage, and can really tire out your opponent. Once you've knocked him senseless, you should have your special, and he should be in danger. Pt two and two together and KO him.

Warning: You can only pick them up to repeat a move once at a time, so trying to pick somone up twice can have bad results.

Bling Bling: Better than you thought
If you're trying to get the crowd on your side, and get your Blazin! meter up, nothing works better than some solid-diamond bling bling. Bling bling covers Chains and Earings. Get a diamond cross, or double cross, some diamond studs and the crowd'll eat you up.

Snowman glitch
When fighting Snowman after Story mode in a subway match, throw him infront of the train and finish the match. Go to S.U.S., and guess who?

A zombie? Nope... just a glitch.

Free for All tips
When you begin a free for all tournament, only one man will be after you. Keep it like that. Beat the living daylights out of him, and let the other two fight. You should have around 70% health left. The other two will be killing each other. Wait until there is one left. He'll have low health, and you'll have the oppurtunity to taunt beforehand, so you have a nice Blazin! move ready for him.

Tips on Defeating crow
When your match with Crow begins,. he'll begin with a weapon. This is a huge potential hazard. Get up by pressing L, and some other buttons to kick him. Grapple him, still knocked back to relieve him of his weapon. The rest of the beating is up to you.

Crack on your side
After story mode, you'll enter many tournaments. One fun one is a tag tournament. In this, Crack is your partner, and is a VERY tough guy.

Subway Match Glitch
This is an unpreventable glitch, and happens randomly.

Whenever playing a subway match, you can do a Blazin! move and knock your opponent in front of the train, in a nice cutscene. Be warned, sometimes this cutscene engages in an infinite loop, and there is no other option but powering off.

Fight Stingray
To fight our favorite barber, you need to enter one of the free-for-all tournaments after completing story mode. He appears in two different matches.

Fight Snowman
To fight our favorite S.U.S. manager, you must enter one of the free-for-all tournaments held in the subway once you finish the Story. In the last round, you can fight him.

Inferno Match
The inferno match can either be the easiest, or hardest match you'll fight. To make it the easiest, simply run and attack the guy, and knock him into the flames. Continue to punch your crispy foe for excessive damage,a nd continual fire damage. He'll be KOed without a Blazin! move or anything.

Fight D-Mob
To fight D-Mob, you must first beat story mode. He'll be the last special foe you face afterwards. He's surprisingly, not that tough.

Special Fight
Along the storyline of the game, you not only get to choose a girlfriend, but are given the oppurtunity to cheat on her. Once you're given the option to cheat, the one you selected and the other will exchange some "pleasant dialouge" and you'll be entered in a catfight. Its just like a regular match... that is, unless you get distracted ;).

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