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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dynasty Warriors 3 Xbox Cheats

In-game reset
Press Start + Back during game play. Note: This only works in certain screens.

Alternate costumes
Press A or X when selecting a character to choose between two costume colors.

Play as Lu Bu
On Hu Loa Gate, get over 1000 KOs and defeat Lu Bu. This can only be done while on the Allied forces. An easier way to get over 1000 KOs on Hu Lao Gate is play on the easy difficulty setting, then pay attention to the enemy gates. If you see a lot of enemy units pouring out, make sure to put your bodyguards on defense then stay near the gate opening. KO the enemies as they appear. Try not to KO the Gate Captain or no more units will appear. This is especially critical around the three gates in Dong Zhuo's fortress where you can accumulate over 450 KOs.

Play as Fu Xi
Clear Musou mode with Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Sun Quan.

Play as Nu Wa
Clear Musou mode with Sun Shang Xiang, Xiao Qiao, Da Qiao, and Zhen Ji.

Art Of War Scroll special item
Play The Siege Of Hei Fei Castle as the Blue forces. Defeat all generals except Sun Quan and the special item message will appear. Go to the big boat that Sun Quan is on to receive the Art of War Scroll. It doubles the time of the effect of the Defense and Attack times two for thirty seconds and Musou full for ten seconds.

Black Shadow special item
Play Huang Gai under the hard difficulty setting at the battle of Chi Bi for Allied forces. Follow orders to execute the fire attack against the Wei (Cao Cao's) forces. Defeat Zhang Liao (and possibly some other generals as well) before defeating Cao Cao. A "Special Item" should be found near the place of prayer at the southwestern end of the map. The Shadow Rod is a +44 attack weapon with 6 hits. It also adds +27 Musou Charge, +82 HP Max, +57 Defense, +52 Mounted Attack, and +23 Reach.

Bodyguard Manual special item
At the Siege Of He Fan Castle level, go to where Xhu Zhu is located. Defeat him on the ridge and the "Special Item Discovered" message will appear. Complete the level and you will have the Bodyguard Manual, which makes your bodyguards stronger.

Buckler special item
This item prevents you from be overpowered while blocking. Play the He Fie level as the Wu side. Allow Taishi Ci to get killed in the arrow attack, then retreat with Sun Quan to the lower right corner of the level, to the broken bridge. You will jump over the bridge with Sun Quan. About five minutes later, Zhang Liao will attack Sun Quan. Defeat Zhang Liao and he will drop the item. This item is very useful when blocking, especially when fighting against Lu Bu.

Cao Cao's special item
Play the Yellow Turban level, on the Han side. You must defeat Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang, in that order, without any gates being lost. Once you have done this, a supply team will appear on the northwest enemy entry point and will make its way to the entry point on the top center of the screen. Kill the supply captain to get the Cao Cao's fourth weapon, Wrath Of Heaven. This weapon is well worth the work. His sixth attack has a purple haze around it and will kill anyone on contact except a Boss.

Dian Wei's special item
Play the Battle At Wan Castle level as Dian Wei under the hard difficulty setting . Defeat general Hu Che Er. A supply captain will appear in the south. Defeat him to get Dian Wei's fourth weapon, which as HP +84, Attack +27, and Musou Charge +28.

Defender special item
In the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains under the hard difficulty setting as the Wei force, find a place where an intermission sequence starts and you see shooting stars. A special item message should appear for the Defender. This is almost impossible to obtain with one person. Both of your characters should be at full stats with their fourth weapon. This item will have your character's Defense x2 when near death.


Unaffiliated Movies:
These are the two "extra" opening movies (just like in the PS2 version). On the opening movie edit screen, hold L + R (or BLACK + WHITE) and play the opening sequence.

Unlock Opening Movie Edit:
On the meain menu, press X, BLACK, Y, WHITE, L, R, WHITE, WHITE.

Unlock Shu Generals:
Just like in the PS2 version, press WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, R, L, BLACK on the main menu.

Alternate Costumes:
On the character select screen, press A or X to choose different costumes.

Assorted Cheat Codes:
On the main menu, press the following:
All Shu Generals - WHITE, BLACK, X, Y, WHITE, R, L, BLACK
All Generals - Hold L and R, then press WHITE, BLACK, Y, X, X, Y
BGM Test Option - L, WHITE, Y, R, WHITE, BLACK, X, Y
Opening Edit Option - X, BLACK, Y, WHITE, L, R, WHITE, WHITE

In-game Reset:
To reset the game at any time, press BACK+START during gameplay.

Unlock Very Hard Difficulty:
To unlock very hard, beat the last level of Musou on Hard.

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