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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ESPN Major League Baseball Xbox Cheats

Make a player healthy if tired
If you are in a franchise or season mode and you have a tired player and u need him to be fine and not tired for his health (like Griffey Jr. because he always gets injured) go to your season/franchise Menu page (If you are confused about where your franchise page is, look at the top black line and it should read FRANCHISEMENU) and go to setup, then edit rosters. Now go to your team and highlight who you need to be fine and press A. A list comes up and go to edit player. If you dont wanna change a thing just press start through the player editor screens. After that, your player will be as good as new. This is really useful if you have a player that gets injured very easily. This code DOES NOT work if the player is already injured though.

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