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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Xbox Cheats

Play As Patty
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Patty.
Her abilities are based on Nadia.

Play As Rhombus
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Cyrus.
His abilities are based on Cyrus.

Play As Vault Dweller
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Cyrus.
His abilities are based on Cyrus.

Defeating The Raider Commander
Use an incendiary cannon, two barrel shotgun, sledge hammer, and 35 stimpacks. This was done with a level 9 Cain under the normal difficulty setting.

Meat Cannon
How to get the Meat Cannon. On the second chapter with all the ghouls got the 2nd screen or east Bridge. At the end of the screen there will be a save point near the exit. If you look Est of it there will be nothing. If you jump as far as you can from the save point east you will land on an invisible walkway. Keep going east until you can see a path. Follow the path and you will reach an area with alot of ghouls. Kill them and look for a chest. Inside the chest will be a Meat Cannon. It has infinite ammo and does around 440-600 damage.

Easy Experience
In Chapter 4 in the garden, you have to escort a technician through a vault to open a escape hatch. Before you do this, make sure you have a Tesla Cleaver and the quest from the merchant to collect computer parts. Let the technician die anywhere in the level, then go to the last room (a room with three computer consoles and three robots that respawn ). Kill one of the robots and follow it back to see which laser barricade it came from. Stand about one character length from the lasers. The robot will respawn. Kill it as soon as it does. They are worth 50 experience points and sometimes drop computer parts. Do this as long as desired. When you are done, just go back to the vault and trade in all of your computer parts for 100 experience and about 30 caps each.

Carbon: Red Rider BB Gun
In Chapter 1 when you are supposed to kill all the Raiders and save the townspeople of Carbon, rescue all them. Talk to the Vault Dweller after you get into the warehouse to get the Red Rider BB Gun with unlimited ammunition.

Los: Slugger
In the Shipyard Docks level in Los you can acquire a weapon called the Slugger which does 81-123 damage. Search the entire map to find a tiny alley (which there are many). This one is different, as there will be two fences as you go down. If you follow it all the way down you will find a footlocker containing a homemade laser rifle. Pick it up and return to where the fences are located. You will see that inside one of the fences is one of those ghouls with the poison on him. He is trapped and cannot get out. Kill him by shooting through the fence with the laser rifle. After he dies, you will get a message about an update on a secret. Then at the bottom of the screen where Boss names and health appear, it will read "Glowing Ghoul". Return up through the alley and a large ghoul will be there. He is easy to kill. After he dies, he drops the devastating Slugger weapon.

Videos and Pin-Ups
To unlock a level's cut-scenes, simply complete the chapter. Once you fully complete the game, you can access pin-up photos, and tons of concept art in the Bonus option of the main screen.

Hidden Weapons
Slugger: In Los, locate the docks and the alley behind the last of the sludge pools. On the other side of the fences is a group of ghouls--nail 'em with grenades, and as you exit the alley you'll encounter a larger ghoul. Take him down and you'll be rewarded with the Slugger bat.

Meat Cannon: Again in Los, pay a visit to the Bridge chapter. Near the console where you save your game, you'll need to hop over the dark abyss to reach an island on the other side. In the lockers of the truck that's on the island you'll find the Meat Cannon.

Ultimate Weapon: In Los, on the
Eastern Bridge, you'll meet a Ghoul VT engineer. He tells you that any junk you may find can be brought back to him and he'll try to make something out of it for you. As you adventure through Los you'll begin to find junk. DO NOT return the junk to the engineer until you have FOUR separate pieces. When you give four pieces of junk to the engineer he will make a Super Sledge for you (80-100 points of damage). This melee weapon is the very best in the game up to this point. Fewer pieces of junk given to the engineer will result in him creating less-exciting and less-powerful items.


Unlockable Characters:
To unlock characters, complete the criteria listed:
Patty: Beat the first chapter.
Rhombus: Beat the second chapter.
Vault Dweller: Beat the game.

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