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Friday, January 30, 2015

Inside Pitch 2003 Xbox Cheats

Unlock Maize Stadium
To unlock Maize Stadium, earn a .400 average after 300 at bats.

Pyramid stadium
Win ten consecutive games in season mode to unlock the Pyramid stadium.

Easier Hitting, Easier Homeruns
For easier hitting you have to go as close up to the plate as possible and when the pitch comes don't hit up or down just swing (only works on strikes) For easier homeruns you back up almost all the way away from the plate and if the ball is low
hold down and swing and if the ball is high don't hit up or down and swing (again only works on strikes)


Unlock Maize Stadium:
Get a .400 average after 300 at bats

Unlock a new Stadium:
To unlock this Stadium, get 12 TEAM strikeouts in a season game, and at the game points total it will say that you have unlock a stadium called Syunara or something like that.

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