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Monday, February 23, 2015

Legends of Wrestling Xbox Cheats

Unlock Captain Lou Albano
Complete a career as a heel (bad guy) wrestler to unlock Captain Lou Albano.

Unlock King Kong Bundy
To unlock the behimoth, King Kong Bundy, you must win the Southeast Territory belt.

Unlock Mr. Fuji
Win the tag team title in Tournament mode to unlock Mr. Fuji.

Unlock Dory Funk Jr.
To unlock good ol' Dory Funk Jr, complete a career with his brother Terry Funk.

Unlock Robert Gibson And Ricky Morton
To unlock Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton, wrestle under the tag team tag of the Rock-n- Roll Express. They'll join your team after you win a Tag Team Tournament.

Unlock Jimmy Hart
To unlock the "Mouth of the South" Jimmy Hart, complete a career with a face wrestler.

Unlock Ivan Koloff
Win a Versus Tournament to unlock Ivan Koloff.

Unlock Sabu
To unlock the Hardcore Sabu, use the sheik in career mode. In the middle of the career, he will be unlocked.

Unlock David Von Erich And Micheal Von Erich
To unlock David Von Erich and Micheal Von Erich, complete the career mode as Kevin Von Erich.

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