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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Madden NFL 2003 Xbox Cheats

Unlimited Creation Points
Go to "Rosters", then choose "Edit Player". Select the players that you want to be rated 99. Go to his attributes, then increase everything.

Easy Tokens
Play two-minute drill and choose to play four players, all with your profile. Set "Fire" the defense and the Vikings as your teams. Next, use Singleback 4WR All Streaks for touchdowns all day.

Cheerleader And Pump Up Crowd Cards
Successfully complete the "Game Situation" challenges in mini-camp mode. The Cheerleader or Pump Up Crowd Cards for the team used will be unlocked.

Cheerleader Cards And Game Cheats
Get a gold rank in any event on the All Pro, Pro and Rookie levels.

Deion Sanders
Get a gold rank in the DB Swat drill in mini-camp mode under the All-Madden level.

Gale Sayers
Get a gold rank in the RB Ground Attack drill in mini-camp mode under the All-Madden level.

Mike Singletar
Get a gold rank in the LB Chase and Tackle drill in mini-camp mode under the All-Madden level.

Over The Shoulder Catch
When throwing the ball to a receiver that is running a fly route, lob the pass (tap the button) instead of throwing a bullet (holding the button). The receiver should catch the ball over his shoulder.

Better quarterback accuracy
Note what kind of quarterback you are passing with. If you have someone such as Kurt Warner, you may have better accuracy if you set your feet, then throw the ball. If you have someone like Donovan McNabb, you might have better luck throwing on the run.

Better draft pick
If you have a first place team and you know its going to be very late in the draft, trade with a last place team. Sometimes you can even get a first and second round pick for just your first. This is a very good way to get young players on your already good team.

Get Any Player
Use the following trick to get any player in a trade without the other team rejecting. In the franchise mode, create a player as a quarterback and move his attributes until you get to 99 points. Then, put his injury and stamina down to 0. This will not change the attribute point level. Sign him as a free agent then trade him to any team for anybody you want. When you play the team he is playing for, after a couple of plays he will either become injured or will be taken out of the game for his weak stamina. No team will refuse your trade and you will have any player you want on your team.

Easier Gold In Mini-Camp Mode
Create a player and trade him to the team that you are doing the drill with. Make sure that the created player is playing the position of the person that you are trying to complete the drill with. For example, Ronde Barber is the corner back in the Defensive Swat Pass drill. If you create a corner back and make his attributes all 99, put him on the Buccaneers and make him the starting or number one cornerback. Then, he will do the drill. You may do this with any person on any drill. You may also make the people who you are going against in the drill "sorrier". If you know their names, go to their attributes and turn them all the way down.


Unlock Mummies Team:
Use a Playstation 2 Memory card that has a saved game file from a EA Sports Racing Game

Unlock Dodge City Stadium:
Use a Playstation 2 Memory card that has a saved game file from a EA Sports Football Game

Unlock Marshals Team:
Use a Playstation 2 Memory card that has a saved game file from a EA Sports Football Game

Unlock Nile High Stadium:
Use a Playstation 2 Memory card that has a saved game file from a EA Sports Racing Game

Easy way to Get Multiples of cards
First of all you have to star a profile and play games to get tokens. Then buy packs of cards. Now start another profile and do the same. Then save all the data. Now go to the trade screen and trade which card you want from the second profile to the first. Its best to trade three cards for one and then save the first profile but don't save the second profile. Now turn the power off. And turn it back on.

All Players Overall 99:
message: When you go to the roster option clck view roster. Click on any player and a little screen will pop up. Go to attributes and you can put every stat up to 99. Now you'll dominate!!

Christmas Greeting:
On your playstation 2 system settings,set the date to 12/25/02(dosn't matter what year), when you start a Game John Madden Greets you By saying "Merry Christmas to all, and we are ready for t great match up between The Titans and Rams"EX., and what ever stadium you are at, it will be filled with Christmas decorations.

More cap room in franchise mode:
To have more cap room what you do is release players who make to much money. Next you singn them as free agents. This works with the rams Grant Wistrom and Lenard Little.

Change song:
Go to main menu hold L1 then press square

All history players:
First you have to play 100 full nfl games and get all the cards then go to free agency and the historic players will be there.

Kevin Butler:
Get a gold rank in Coffin Corner Punt on All-Madden level.

Barry Sanders:
Get a gold rank in Ground Attack in mini-camp on All-Madden level.

Deion Sanders:
Get a gold rank in the DB swat drill in mini-camp mode on All-Madden level.

Jan Stenerud:
Get a gold rank in Clutch Kicking Drill in mini-camp mode on All-Madden level.

John Elway:
Get a gold rank in QB Pocket Presence on All-Madden level.

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