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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Murakumo Xbox Cheats

Bonus movie
Complete expert mode with a rank of SS to unlock a bonus movie.

Get Expert Mission Mode
Defeat scenario mode with a rank A or better rating.

Get Free Mission Mode
Defeat scenario mode.

Get LX-30R machine
Complete scenario mode.

Unlock art gallery
Complete expert mode to access the art gallery.

Defeating upgrader Geo-Sweeper
On the mission where you are fighting the first upgraded Geo-Sweeper, choose Cloud-Breaker 05. Follow it until you get to the highway, then use timed A attacks to knock it out of the sky.


Clear Bonuses:
Do the following to unlock these game extras:
Clear expert mode with SS rank for a special movie.
Just clear expert mode to unlock the art gallery.
Clear scenario mode for the LX-30R machine.

Unlock Expert Mission Mode:
To unlock Expert Mission Mode, beat Scenario Mode with a ranking of A or better.

Unlock Free Mission Mode:
To unlock Free Mission Mode, beat the game's Scenario Mode

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