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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

NASCAR Thunder 2003 Xbox Cheats

Unlock Cars
To unlock a paint scheme for a specific driver, win a race under Veteran or Legend mode.

Unlock Dale Earnhardt
Enter Dale Earnhardt as a name at the create a car screen.

Fantasy Drivers
Enter Extra Drivers as a name at the create a car screen.

Unlock Tiburon Speedway
If you have any other EA Sports 2003 game saved onto your memory card, the Tiburon Speedway will be unlocked.


Extra Drivers:
Go to features select create a car and go in and select driver info put in first name: Extra and Last Name: Drivers and exit and go to a race and there will be more drivers in yellow

Dale Earnhardt Sr.:
Go to Create-a-car. Type first name as Dale. Then last name as Earnhardt. Your Done You don't have to save the car. You get the license plate.

Get Thunder Plates:
Finish the challenges in Thunder Challenge or Lightning Challenge to get new plates

Get Tiburon Speedway Track:
Use any memory card that has a saved game file from any EA Sports 2003 Game

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