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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

NFL Fever 2004 Xbox Cheats

Unlock All Teams
To unlock all teams, enter "sportxsn" as a code.

Easy defense
For the best defense, use the "Punt Return" then move the player standing at the back waiting for the kick forward.

Easy sacks
When you are playing defense, take your defensive left end and move him to right end so that there will not be anyone covering him. You can also do the same thing with your right defensive end by moving him to the left end. Go to the "Goal Line" formation then go to the first play "Pick Available". Next, choose one of the following: G L Safety blitz, G L Corner Blitz, or G L Middle Blitz. You can now get easy sacks with your defensive backs.

For an easy sack that works most of the time, select the 3-4 defense. Next, pick the 3-4 Bear set. The play is under this set and is entitled "34 1 LB Blitz". On the field, select the linebacker that is head up the left offensive guard. Move him slightly to the right. On the snap of the ball, blast through the line between the guard and center. This works best with a speedy linebacker, as a slow one might allow time for a lineman or a running back to block him.


Get All teams:
Put in sportxsn for a code

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