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Saturday, June 20, 2015

NHL Rivals 2004 Xbox Cheats

Big Shots
Enter HOWITZER as a code.

Enter HEAVYPUCK as a code.

No Ice Friction
Enter ICEHOCKEY asa a code.

Invisible players
Enter INVISIBLEMAN as a code.

Microsoft team
Enter BLIBBET as a code.

Big Puck
Enter BIGBISCUIT as a code.

Balanced players
Enter EVENSTEVEN as a code.

Small players
Enter TINYTYKES as a code.

Big players
Enter BIGDUDES as a code.

Unlimited Speed Burst
Enter CAFFEINE as a code.

High gravity
Enter HEAVYPUCK as a code.

Low gravity
Enter WEIGHTLESSPUCK as a code.

No friction
Enter AIRHOCKEY as a code.

No-bounce dasherboards
Enter DEADBOARDS as a code.

All Agitators
Enter PESTFEST as a code.

All Snipers
Enter SHOOTOUT as a code.

All Enforcers
Enter BRUISERS as a code.

XSN East team
Enter XSNSPORTSEAST as a code.

XSN West team
Enter XSNSPORTSWEST as a code.

NHL Rivals West All-Stars and Central Park Rink
Enter CUJOWEST as a code.

NHL Rivals East All-Stars and Red Square
Enter CUJOEAST as a code.


Big Shots:
Enter HOWITZER as a code.

Enter HEAVYPUCK as a code.

No Ice Friction:
Enter ICEHOCKEY as a code

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