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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Phantasy Star Online: Episode I & II Xbox Cheats

Unlock dressing room
Finish the game on normal mode.

Unlock hard difficulty
Defeat Episode I or II with the normal difficulty setting.

Unlock very hard difficulty
Defeat Episode I or II on the hard difficulty setting.

Unlock ultimate difficulty setting
Defeat Episode I or II using the very hard difficulty setting.

Online difficulty
Get to level 80 in any difficulty level to move up to a higher one.

Wall Glitch
In the ruins as you enter the room before the teleporter to Dark Faltz clean out all enemies and return to the door way you entered from. You will see part of the arch from the doorway leading down into the ground. Stand to the left of it and walk into it at an angle. Eventually you will walk into that arch and into a glitched room beside the door.

Obtaining the Tsumiri J-Sword
How many of us love the looks of the ultimate weapon for hunters called the J-sword? The best place to obtain this item is to go online and do the Control Tower quest. If you don't find it by time you kill the boss of the tower Join other people's games. The sword will be sealed and 22,300 monsters will have to be slain by the J-sword to break the seal so as to unleash the strength of this powerful blade. Its special attack requires you to be low on health and you need 20 photon blast points to use it. The damage it does is severe and from normal to very hard can annihilate bosses such as De Ro Le in two or three swipes.

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