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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Project Gotham Racing Xbox Cheats

VW Beetle
Get 1000 kudos on the easy difficulty setting to unlock the VW Beetle.

Panoz Esperante
Get 25,000 kudos to unlock the Panoz Esperante.

Bonus helmets
For every hour of game play you will receive a new helmet for your racer.

Medal pursuit paint jobs
Accumulate five hours of game play to unlock medal pursuit paint jobs.

Sliding for more points
Use the hand brake when going around a turn.

All Cars and Tracks
Name: Nosliw

Get Lotus Exige
After getting 50,000 Kudos you will get the Lotus Exige.

How to earn all cars
Cars you win in one-on-one challenges:
Kudos Challenge level 1: Z3 Roadster 3.0i
Kudos Challenge level 2: Boxster S
Kudos Challenge level 3: Focus Cosworth
Kudos Challenge level 5: Skyline
Kudos Challenge level 7: Corvette ZO6
Kudos Challenge level 9: 360 Spider and 360 Modena
Kudos Challenge level 11: Viper RT-10
Kudos Challenge level 12: 911 GT2

Cars you earn by amount of Kudos
1,000 : New Beetle RSi
25,000 : Panoz Esperante
50,000 : Lotus Exige
75,000 : Delfino Feroce
100,000: TVR Tuscan
150,000: Carrera GT
200,000: Ferrari F50

Easy Kudos
Before each turn, brake a little, and press "A" only for a bit, then accelerate. You'll earn more Kudos for the longer the turn.

How to get the Toyota Eliminate Celica
To get the Celica you need 600 kudos and if you play it again the Toyota Eliminate Celica will be availaible to ride in.

Arcade Race Cars
Level one : RX-8
Level two : Opel Speedster
Level three: Subaru WRX
Level four : Aston Marton V12 Vanquish


Get Faster Mercedes:
Put in Reki for the driver's name

Get New Helmets:
The more hours you play, the more helmets you unlock. Every hour you play Project Gotham, you get another.

Get New Paint:
To earn some nifty new paint jobs, rack up five hours of gameplay. That's it. Just play.

Unlock Everything:
To unlock it all in one go, enter "Nosliw" as your character name. All tracks and cars will now be at your disposal.

Unlock Lotus Exige:
To unlock the Lotus Exige, get 50,000 total Kudos.

Unlock Panoz Esperate:
To unlock the Panoz Esperate, get 25,000 Kudos.

Unlock the VW Beetle:
To get the Beetle, simply get 1000 Kudos on easy difficulty.

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