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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Rayman Arena Xbox Cheats

Avoid slowing down
When racing, avoid the green slime as it slows you down. Always use the walkways when available.

Play As Dark Globox
Win the first cup in Obstacle Course.

Play As Henchman 1000
Win the first circuit in Total Fight.

Play As Mrs. Razorbeard
Win the first circuit in Freeze Combat.

Play As Tily
Win the first circuit in Time Attack.

Extra Skins
Unlock new skins by completing the cups in single player mode.

New Special Levels
Complete the Beginner and Pro levels in all single player game modes to unlock new special levels in exhibition mode.

Master Difficulty
After you have successfully completed all of the beginner and pro cups, a new level of difficulty, 'Master', will be unlocked. In the master difficulty setting, you will face 'Dark Rayman' in all of the challenges in the game mode that you have chosen. If you quit while in the middle of a tournament with Dark Rayman, it will not save, and you will have to start over.

Easier Race Levels
To do better in the racing levels, watch the CPU players to see which paths they take. They very often take shortcuts. By watching them, you can learn about a lot of secret paths and shortcuts, which will give you a better chance of winning.

Master Mode
Beat All 4 Modes on the Pro Cup setting to unlock Master Mode. In Master mode you play against Dark Rayman in harder versions of the 4 modes.

Race: Beat Dark Rayman in 1 lap Races (All 12)
Time Attack: Get to the checkpoint 3 secs before Dark Rayman to Eliminate him. (All 12 races)
All out fight: Beat Dark Rayman in a 1 min battle at all levels.
Freeze Tag: Get more lums than Rayman in 1 min. At all levels, also the game is Cel Shaded in this mode.

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