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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Xbox Cheats

All Missions
Enter GASMASK at the code entry screen to get all of the missions under campaign.

Ewok Celebration Music
At the options screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left Right, B, A, Start using the D-Pad. The Ewok Celebration Music should start to play.

Fulfill the three bonus objects of the last mission you played
Enter the code YUB YUB to fulfill the three bonus objectives of the last mission you played.

Get Unlimited Ammo
CHOSEN1 is the code to get infinitie secondary weapons and lasers.

Enter in code screen 1WITHFORCE for invincibility.

Play as a wookie in the Jedi Academy
FUZZBALL is the code to play as a wookie in the jedi Academy.

Play as Battle Droid
Enter in the code RogerRoger and you can pick a battle droid in the Geonosis Academy

Unlock All Multiplayer Maps
Enter the code FRAGFIESTA to unlock all multiplayer maps.

Unlock "Making Of" Video
To unlock the ''Making Of'' video, earn thirty bonus points.

Unlock All Cinematic Cutscenes
Enter the code CINEMA to unlock all cinematic cutscenes.

Unlock CD Player
To unlock the CD player, earn thirty five bonus points.

Unlock Jedi Academy map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Jedi Academy map for multiplayer, earn twenty bonus ponits.

Unlock Raxus Duel map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Raxus Duel map for multiplayer, earn five bonus ponits.

Unlock Rhen Var Conquest map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Rhen Var Conquest map for multiplayer, earn fifteen bonus points.

Unlock Sketchbook
To unlock the sketchbook, earn fourty bonus points.

Unlock Team Photos in the Sketchbook
Enter the code SAYCHEESE to unlock team photos in the sketchbook. You must have the sketchbook unlocked in order for this code to work properly.

Unlock Thule Moon Control Zone map for Multiplayer
To unlock the Thule Moon Control Zone map for multiplayer, earn ten bonus points.

Unlock Unit Viewer
To unlock the unit viewer, earn twenty five bonus points.

Unlock Yoda for Multiplayer
To unlock Yoda for multiplayer, earn fourty five bonus points.

Unlimited Ammo
Input "NOHONOR" on the codes screen and unlock unlimited ammo.

Unlock All Multiplayer Missions
Enter "LETSDANCE" at the code screen.

Type in LORDOFSITH in the options-bonus-cheats.

Team photos
Enter YOURMASTERS at the code screen to unlock photos of what I believe are the creators of the game.

All bonus materials
Enter IGIVEUP at the code screen to unlock all bonus materials. This gets rid of the need to complete bonus missions.

All three bonus objectives complete
Enter ALITTLEHELP at the code screen to complete all three bonus objectives for the last level you played.

All FMV cutscenes
Enter GOTPOPCORN at the code screen to unlock all FMV sequences.


Infinite Ammo:
To get infinite ammo, enter the phrase "NOHONOR" at the code screen.

Invincibility Code:
Enter LORDOFSITH on the code screen.

See Team Photo:
To see a photo of the team responsible for this game, enter the cheat "YOURMASTERS".

Unlock All Bonuses:
To unlock all bonuses, enter this phrase at the codes screen: IGIVEUP.
Also enter CARBONCOPY and FODDER to unlock the Clone Trooper and the TF Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy.

Unlock All Movies:
To unlock all movies, enter the passcode: GOTPOPCORN.

Unlock All Multiplayer Missions:
To unlock all of the multiplayer missions, enter the code "LETSDANCE."

Unlock Goodies With Bonus Points:
Earn bonus points to get the following rewards:
5: Raxus Duel multiplayer level
10: Thule Moon Control multiplayer level
15: Rhen Var multiplayer level
20: Jedi Academy multiplayer level
25: Unit viewer
30: Making Of movie
35: CD player
40: Sketchbook
45: Yoda playable on Academy: Geonosis

Unlock More Objectives:
To unlock more objectives, enter the passcode: ALITTLEHELP.

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