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Friday, November 6, 2015

Taz Wanted Xbox Cheats

All mini-games
Enter "?BN" to unlock all the mini-games.

Collect all 100 sandwiches in a level to unlock a mini-game at the main hub. Use the blue phone booth with a propeller in front of the level with the completed sandwich to access its mini-game.

Defeating Gossamer
When you have collected all the contraptions in Yosemite Zoo, you will enter the Elephant Pong mini-game. Pong (scare) the elephant. The elephant will get faster each time you do this and scare Gossamer. Get three goals to win.

Level select
Select the Marvin Martian icon at the start game screen, then enter #OP as a code.

Two player Boss games
Select the Big Red icon at the start game screen, then enter *JC as a code.

All art gallery
Select the Tweety icon at the start game screen, then enter .RT as a code.

No whack in boxes
Select the Taz icon at the start game screen, then enter !WB as a code.

Defeating Mecha-Tweety
Wait until his shield is shut down. Then, gobble up a crate and hit him. Do this three times. Next, gobble up a crate until the white cylinder is up. Spit all four cylinders until their color turns red. Avoid his attacks so you do not die. Finally, gobble up a crate and hit all the levers so Tweety can be sucked out.

Defeating Yosemite Sam
At Disco Volcano, jump all the way to the middle and get the chili pepper. Sam will be ready to blow up the dynamite. Without falling down to the lava, breath fire at Sam. If you fall into the lava by missing the platform, you have to try again.

Gladatoons: Trapping Daffy
Push Daffy to the tunnels that have up arrows all around in the tunnel to the left. There is a spring leading to one goal. Daffy would be trapped by going up and down if he finds the other path. You wo;; have time to win the game.

How to kill a dogcatcher
Go into a phone booth and get a costume and when you get close to a dogcatcher press X.

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