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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wreckless Xbox Cheats

Missions A-2 to A-4
Beat mission A-1.

Missions A-4 to A-7
Beat mission A-4.

Missions A-7 to A-10
Beat mission A-7.

Missions B-2 to B-4
Beat mission B-1.

Missions B-4 to B-7
Beat mission B-4.

Dragon-SPL Car
Beat mission A-1.

Super Car
Beat mission B-1.

Beat mission B-8.

Beat mission A-8.

Beat mission A-9.

Monster Find
In B scenario on the mission where you have to wreck all the Dim Sum stands in a limited time, if you get to the question mark (monster truck) before completing the mission you will be abale to find the Monster Truck. To get to the truck, go down the street a bit (where the question mark is) and there is a wooden jump.Goabout 65-80 mph jump straight off of it. You won't be able to see much because of the explosions but you will land on a platform that will lead to a showroom type area where the mighty monster truck lies. run into it and quickly complete the mission to get it.

How to Get the Police Truck
In mission A-4, after hitting the dump truck 2 times, cut through the turn and make a right around the right curve. Jump by pumping the gas at approximately 30 mph. Go up the platform and fall through the hole, the police truck must be in the ditch, go on the side, turn, and hit it with the side of your car. After hitting the truck, quickly speed off and look on your left side,you will see a ramp, go over it, turn right onto the platform and activate the elevator.

More Cars
To get more cars, look for a question mark in the mission. Go to the question mark, hit the vehicle, and the complete the mission.

Mission A4: big police truck
Mission A5: taxi cab
Mission B2: armored van
Mission B4: monster truck

Fun Jump
When in the first mission A1 when you gain control of car go straight through the building in front of you and you will get air.

Mission B-10 Shortcut
In this mission you must deliver packs of blood to a hospital. At the beginning of the level it would seem that you should take the left road that goes with traffic. However you should really go right against the traffic. At the end of this road go slightly to the right onto a ramp going upwards. Follow this ramp and at the end stick to the right follow the street and when the road turns left look to your right to find a small road. Take that until you get to a intersection. Take a right and follow the arrows. This saves about 20 to 25 minutes. Thia also helps you avoid some yakuza cars. Keep following the red arrows until you reach a steap hill. When you get to the top keep going straight it looks as if you are going to run straight into a wall. However the wall collapses and you will go upwards on some stairs. Just at the end of the shortcut a car drives straight at you turn hard left and you should miss him. This saves about 10 to 15 minutes. Then just keep following the roads until you reach the hospital. The whole thing saves about 30 to 40 minutes.

In mission 2-B there should be a question mark on the map at the top of the city, head for it. When you get there break through the toll gate and there is the bank truck destroy it and complete the mission. If you do not complete the mission you will not get the truck.

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