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Sunday, January 17, 2016

WWF Raw Xbox Cheats

Christan's Glasses
To get Christan's glasses, you must interfere while he's coming out and then beat him up until his glasses fall off. Pick them up and they are NEW!!!

Wrestle as Fred Durst
Win all the championship belts to unlock Fred Durst.

Wrestle as Shane McMahon
Win the Hardcore title to unlock Shane McMahon.

Wrestle as Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley
Win the Woman's title to unlock Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Wrestle as Vince McMahon
Win the WWF Heavyweight title to unlock Vince McMahon.

Undertaker's bandana
Attack the Undertaker as he comes down the ramp to use his bandana.

View the Titantron
Press X as someone is coming down the ramp and you can watch there entrance video.

Stack Tables
To stack tables you need to put two tables in the ring and then put the first table near the ropes where you can't push it any farther and then keep pushing the second table to the first table and eventually after a few minutes a glitch will happen and the tables will get stacked.

Kurt Angle's "Real" Medals
When Kurt Angle comes out interfere, knock his medals off and hit him with his medals until he spits out the real medals. It may take a while.

Linda McMahon
To get Linda McMahon, win wwf title with undertaker on hard difficulty.

Unlock Rob Van Dam
Type MRPPV in the cheat menu to unlock Rob Van Dam.

Infinite Specials
While playing pause hold A then press B, X, Z, A. You should hear it say: "Raw is War".

Hidden Items In Boxes On The Side Of Ring
Go to the boxes on the side of the ring and punch or jump on them, then new items will appear pick them up.

You can interfere when you are in the ring and another wrestler is coming out push the Y button a bunch of times and you will run down the walkway to hit the wrestler and the match will start outside the ring!

Unlock All Wrestlers
Go to the character edit and type "greatest" for name and exit out. Go to exibitionand when you pick your wrestlers you will have every hidden wrestler!

Unlock WCW Superstars
While at the options screen type in this password "WWF RULES!!!" make sure there are three exclamation points or it won't work or if you want to unlock indivisual wrestlers then type these in:

Hurricane Helms: Stand back!
Lance Storm:Serious
Mighy Molly:Golly Gosh
Shane Mcmahon:Which way!
Stephanie Mcmahon-Helmsley:No!
Kurt Angle:It's true!
and the last one(s), Test and Booker T:Ta

Pick Up Items
You pick up items by pressing B when your on it.

Beat the game in hard with Y2J and get Rob Van Dam.

K-Kwik's mic
Attack K-Kwick while he is entering the ring.

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