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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yager Xbox Cheats

Unlock all ships in the database
This one is held confidential by the developers...
Create a profile named "data.setvis 1". While on this profile, you can open every entry of the ship database.

9 instead of 3 retries per checkpoint
Create a profile named "set MAXCNT 9" to have 9 retries on each checkpoint instead of 3.
PS: There's no way to have more or less retries just by altering the number. This number is hardcoded.

Unlock all Levels
Create a game profile named "lvl.activate 1" to unlock all levels.


Cheat List:
Level select - create a profile named lvl.activate 1 to unlock all levels.
Extra continues - create a profile named set MAXCNT 9 for nine continues per level.
Full database - create a profile named data.setvis 1 to unlock all ships in the database.

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