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Saturday, March 5, 2016

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Xbox Cheats

space cheat
To do this, you must put your back against the railing at the window, then press A to go to game options, then press B, and walk towards the railing at the same time. If done right you will go through and can explore space!

Unlock Nemesis:
Complete the game to unlock the Nemesis as a character model.

Unlock Evil Boss Body:
Complete Single-Player in Campaign mode to unlock the Evil Boss body.

Hidden Chat and Waiting Room Taunts:
When you enter a chat room or waiting room on XBox Live click and hold the Left analog-stick and press X, Y, L or R.

Commit suicide
(this only works on multiplayer)
Get out of your mech, battle armour or tank and click the right thumbstick

MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf Cheats
Unlock Nemesis:
To unlock Nemises as an available character model beat the single player campaign successfully.

Quick Neurohack Defence (Team Matches):
Mechs with reactive and reflective armour should hoard those abilities during team matches to throw off enemy battlearmor attempting to Neurocheck.

Turn BattleArmor into a turret
If you latch onto a building or wall with your claw and aim behind you, you will shoot backwards!! It's like using a turret with feet and jumpjets!

easy tower takedown
When you get to the level where you have to take down the comms tower use the demo charges and put them in front of the tower (where the enemy mech is patrolling) and keep them there until the mech walks into them and blows up taking the tower with it(IMPORTANT: you may need to plant the explosives more than once so keep repeating the process until the mech is destroyed)

Easy mech kill
First get in a battle armor and well simple use the jumb jets to get close and hack in.

How to beat the big spider.
For those people who can't defeate the big spider, just hit it on the legs with everything you got.

Pilot Bomb
Just a quick hint for those new to the game, you may have already been told about the 'Pilot Bomb', however, don't rely on it as it's not all it's cracked up to be, and to do destroy a Mech will take 6 or 7 attempts.


Control menu with left thumbstick
Note that in Mechassault 2's menu, the left thumb stick is used to navigate the character, while the D-Pad is used for menu navigation. The thumbstack(s) cannot be used for menu navigation. However, I have found a way to momentarily do this. From the main menu, select "Multiplayer". then, select "Add Player". From here, don 't add a player. Simply press "B" on the controller you've been using. It will exit back to the multiplayer menu. Now, from here, if you press the left thumbstick to any direction, you will control the player AND the menu.

Extra Mech on Thestria
On the level on Thestria in which you steal mechs, usually you steal three and Foster pilots a cougar. However, if you first hack the Mad Dog, then bring back the other shut down Mad Dog, and pilot the Cougar yourself, Natalia will order Foster to get out a pilot a mech. Because the game automatically puts Foster in a Cougar, you get an extra mech.

Multiplayer Invulnerability
Get in battle armor. Jump straight at a hill, mountain, wall, or building. Directly before hitting it, release the jump jets. You will hit the structure like normal and start falling to the ground. Activate the claw and jump jets at EXACTLY the same time right before hittind the grount. If done correctly, you wil fall through the ground and attach to nothing. Other players cannot do you any damage, but you can still fire at or hack them.

New avatar
Unlockable --- How to Unlock
Nemesis avatar --- Beat the game

Unlockables bodies
Unlockable --- How to Unlock
Evil Boss --- Beat game 1 time
Nemesis --- Beat game 1 time

Easy Way to Avoid Neurohacking on Xbox Live
When on Xbox Live, and with any mech that has a shield. If someone attempts to neuro hack you, just turn your shield on and it will throw them to the ground.

No Heat with a Mech
If your heat it it's maximum during a fight, you cannot fire any non-ballistic weapons, but there is a way around this. When your heat is max, just press Y and your pilot should exit the Mech. Press Y again and you will enter the Mech and there will be no heat, so you may continue destroying your enemies. Useful when you use the Alpha-Strike because your heat is maxed out after the attack.

Other taunts while in chat
When youre on Xbox Live in the waiting room for a game or in one of the chat rooms you have 8 taunts that you can do. The first four are activated by pressing the X,Y, Left, and Right buttons/triggers. To do the extra ones, click in and hold the left thumbstick and press any of those buttons/triggers to get another four taunts.

VTOL trick
This is a hint for those people who might get stuck on the snow level where you have to carry Fosters APC truck over the mountains. He tells you to exit the mech and pilot the VTOL after you clear the small area surrounding the VTOL and destory the comm towers. but dont. instead, take your mech (it should have jumpets) and fly in the direction you are supposed to fly as if you were in the VTOL and destroy the enemy mechs and tanks you encounter. the mechs you should encounter are catapult mechs. They have missles, so if you fly the VTOL, they'll blow you out of the sky. so kill the mechs with a mech, step on the tanks, and use your jumpjets to fly over the lakes. when you reach the last lake, turn back to get the VTOL. if you did this correctly, you should be able to fly over with foster and drop him off without getting shot. The only thing to deal with will be a cluter of tanks, but you can just fly right over them, and the level will end.

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