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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel Xbox Cheats

Play As Patty
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Patty.
Her abilities are based on Nadia.

Play As Rhombus
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Cyrus.
His abilities are based on Cyrus.

Play As Vault Dweller
Successfully complete Chapter 1 to unlock Cyrus.
His abilities are based on Cyrus.

Defeating The Raider Commander
Use an incendiary cannon, two barrel shotgun, sledge hammer, and 35 stimpacks. This was done with a level 9 Cain under the normal difficulty setting.

Meat Cannon
How to get the Meat Cannon. On the second chapter with all the ghouls got the 2nd screen or east Bridge. At the end of the screen there will be a save point near the exit. If you look Est of it there will be nothing. If you jump as far as you can from the save point east you will land on an invisible walkway. Keep going east until you can see a path. Follow the path and you will reach an area with alot of ghouls. Kill them and look for a chest. Inside the chest will be a Meat Cannon. It has infinite ammo and does around 440-600 damage.

Easy Experience
In Chapter 4 in the garden, you have to escort a technician through a vault to open a escape hatch. Before you do this, make sure you have a Tesla Cleaver and the quest from the merchant to collect computer parts. Let the technician die anywhere in the level, then go to the last room (a room with three computer consoles and three robots that respawn ). Kill one of the robots and follow it back to see which laser barricade it came from. Stand about one character length from the lasers. The robot will respawn. Kill it as soon as it does. They are worth 50 experience points and sometimes drop computer parts. Do this as long as desired. When you are done, just go back to the vault and trade in all of your computer parts for 100 experience and about 30 caps each.

Carbon: Red Rider BB Gun
In Chapter 1 when you are supposed to kill all the Raiders and save the townspeople of Carbon, rescue all them. Talk to the Vault Dweller after you get into the warehouse to get the Red Rider BB Gun with unlimited ammunition.

Los: Slugger
In the Shipyard Docks level in Los you can acquire a weapon called the Slugger which does 81-123 damage. Search the entire map to find a tiny alley (which there are many). This one is different, as there will be two fences as you go down. If you follow it all the way down you will find a footlocker containing a homemade laser rifle. Pick it up and return to where the fences are located. You will see that inside one of the fences is one of those ghouls with the poison on him. He is trapped and cannot get out. Kill him by shooting through the fence with the laser rifle. After he dies, you will get a message about an update on a secret. Then at the bottom of the screen where Boss names and health appear, it will read "Glowing Ghoul". Return up through the alley and a large ghoul will be there. He is easy to kill. After he dies, he drops the devastating Slugger weapon.

Videos and Pin-Ups
To unlock a level's cut-scenes, simply complete the chapter. Once you fully complete the game, you can access pin-up photos, and tons of concept art in the Bonus option of the main screen.

Hidden Weapons
Slugger: In Los, locate the docks and the alley behind the last of the sludge pools. On the other side of the fences is a group of ghouls--nail 'em with grenades, and as you exit the alley you'll encounter a larger ghoul. Take him down and you'll be rewarded with the Slugger bat.

Meat Cannon: Again in Los, pay a visit to the Bridge chapter. Near the console where you save your game, you'll need to hop over the dark abyss to reach an island on the other side. In the lockers of the truck that's on the island you'll find the Meat Cannon.

Ultimate Weapon: In Los, on the
Eastern Bridge, you'll meet a Ghoul VT engineer. He tells you that any junk you may find can be brought back to him and he'll try to make something out of it for you. As you adventure through Los you'll begin to find junk. DO NOT return the junk to the engineer until you have FOUR separate pieces. When you give four pieces of junk to the engineer he will make a Super Sledge for you (80-100 points of damage). This melee weapon is the very best in the game up to this point. Fewer pieces of junk given to the engineer will result in him creating less-exciting and less-powerful items.


Unlockable Characters:
To unlock characters, complete the criteria listed:
Patty: Beat the first chapter.
Rhombus: Beat the second chapter.
Vault Dweller: Beat the game.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fairly OddParents: Breakin' Da Rules Xbox Cheats

Completing Vicky's H.W. Level 2
Find five stars, then make a wish. Timmy will wish for a hammer. If you are facing the boats, turn right. However, if you are not facing the boats, make a left.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Fable Xbox Cheats

Run To The Demon Door And Back
The character does not run by default. You must press the B button to run. Before you talk to the character that starts the race, be sure you are facing in the direction you need to run. When the timer begins immediately start running and be sure to avoid everyone in your path. Run straight around to where the door is and line yourself up directly down the middle of the rock bridge. As soon as you touch the door (you don't have to select it) push the stick in the opposite direction and you should go straight back across. Then just avoid all people on the way back and as soon as you see the dialog balloon (aiming at the race guy) hit the button to end the challenge.

Stealable items can be found in the shops. To attempt to steal them, you can target the item, and then use the ?shoplift? expression.

Some food types have special abilities; they might change day to night, improve some of your attributes or change your alignment.

Cause Distractions While Committing Crimes
You'll need to pal around with some sidekicks who will do your dirty work for you. Have the sidekicks fight guards to cause a distraction, which will result in NPC's running away, giving you all the time you need to commit crimes such as stealing etc.

Pick Locks Of Houses
Wait until late in the evenings or during the night, as the chance of being caught is reduced to an absolute minimum. Pay attention to the Eye of Awareness while committing a crime; as it might prevent you from being caught.

Commit Easier Crimes
Make sure a non player character is NOT looking in your direction when you commit a crime and you'll get away with it.

Bribe Guards
You can pay for the guards "break time" which is a great way to commit crimes without getting caught.

Marry A Man
Eventually you will be able to marry. You can choose a man or a woman.

Easy Money
In the world of Albion, one can purchase houses. This cheat not only requires you to do such, but have at some money to your name (5,000 should cut it) and at least one trophy as well...preferably two. To start, buy a house that has a trophy mount. These can be found in Oakvale, Knothole Glade, etc. I myself purchase the one in Oakvale, for it has two trophy mounts and is rather cheap (5,000). Walk to the sign in the front of your old house, buy the house, and smash the door (Don't worry, this isn't a's your house), now you can enter the house at anytime until you leave the area. You don't have to upgrade the house at all...just walk to the trophy mounts and set a trophy in each. Exit the house, and sell it by walking over to the sign and so forth. Enter the house once more, and remove your trophies. You can now buy the house for 5,000 once more, unless you upgraded it (The cheat still just won't be fore 5,000).You should get a profit for each time you do this, and the better the trophy, the more money you get. Just remember to purchase the house without trophies mounted and sell it with trophies mounted.

Frying Pan
The treasure clues start you on the dock at orchard farm. They lead you through the apple orchard and down the path towards the barn. At the first barn, dig in between the barn wall and the bales of hey to find the Frying Pan

Sword of Aeons
At the end of the game choose to kill your sister. If you watch the credits you will get to continue playing with the sword of Aeons, a massively powerful weapon.

Continuous Play
Watch the credits at the end of the game to continue playing with your character.

Ever wonder why you're called a Chicken Chaser?

Not much of a title for an Evil Warlord, or Messiah.

To get a new title, they have special traders found alongs paths, sometimes.

You can get some awsome titles, like Assassin, or Liberator, to "Arseface"

Arseface? Kind of a step down, if you ask me.

Gang-Busting Tips
Okay, being surrounded by hordes of enemies is no fun, no matter how strong you are. To kill them all much quicker, several percautions should be taken:

1- Use Enflame to fry all the nearby enemies, giving you a couple of seconds to come back.

2- Do NOT use thetargeting system. Rather than focus on one, its best to just slash wildy at your foes.

3- Always take care of the weaker ones first. They may be weak, but if your sword, axw or hammer is charged up, ready for a flourish, it can be easily broken.

4- Use Assassin's Rush to move out of the fray, and behind an enemy. Kill him, and try to keep from getting surrounded again.

5- The best technique for getting a little space is Force Push (No, not from Star Wars). Ue this to push all the surrounding enemies back.

Foul language
Ever wonder why the game's M rating includes "Strong language". Its the simple fact that if your character becomes dark enough, he will learn "insult" Use this at any time and your character will say s***.

Mega quick alignment change
To change your alignemt in the blink of an eye, simply go to the Temple of Avo or Skorm. At the temple of Avo, you can donate gold to change your alignment to good. At the temple of Skorm, you can donate gold to change your alignent to evil. Ex- 5000 Gold at the temple of Avo, will give you 519 good points. With enough gold, you can change your set path in an instant.

Hero Save Exploit
In the middle of a quest, if you use a hero save and reload the save, you will start at the beginning of the quest as if you had never begun, and you will retain all items that you obtained during the last run of the quest. This is especially useful in the Arena, where vast amounts of money can be made if used right.

Throw fireballs and shoot arrows simultaneously
Map the Fireball spell to the quick menu's X button. With the bow in-hand, hold the left trigger to target an enemy, then hold the right trigger to access your quick menu, then hold the X button. The Fireball spell should now start to charge in your hand. While still holding left trigger and X, release the right trigger. Instead of throwing the fireball or cancelling the spell, your character will begin to draw an arrow. When you've pulled back all the way, release the X button and you'll shoot both the arrow and the fireball at roughly the same time. This glitch may work with other spells, preferably anything with a charge/release effect such as Fireball or a repeat-while-held effect such as Lightning.

The easiest way to max out your character in Fable can be done right after the mission where you save your mother. Go back to the "Cliffside path" (up through the Lychfield graveyard). There are infinite zombies to kill here. The best way to kill them is to power up the Enflame spell and have a lot of will potions.

Cussing in Witchwood
In the Witchwood Cullis Gate area, there are four stones with a letter representing each stone. You have to spell the Demon Door's name correctly which is H-I-T-S. However, if you enter the dirty four letter word instead, two Balverines will attack. Spell it again, and the voice that pronounces each letter will follow it up with saying the word.

Easy Way To Win Race To Demon Gate
Once you get the stick as a weapon, simply head over to the boy making the challenge to run to the Demon Gate and back in 50 seconds. Stand beside him and hit him with the stick. The impact will push the boy over a little each time. Do this until you get lectured by Maze. Then, repeat the process. This cuts off a lot of distance from the run, making it easy to win this challenge. As an added bonus, if you want to be an evil character, you also get evil points for doing this.

Get the title "Necromancer"
Donate enough people to the temple of Skorm and you'll eventually get the title Necromancer.

A little extra gold along the way
If you're at Twinblade's Camp. Make your way to Twinblade's Tent. Once he's down for te count, I don't care what you do with him, go into his tent and loot all the tresure chests and barrels. You should find around 1,000 gold and a rare stone or two.

The Sentinus and Skorm's Longbow
The Sentinus is a legendary Greatmace given to you by the god Avo if you give lots of gold to his temple. How much, I'm not sure, but I'd estimate over 50K.

Skorm's Longbow is a legendary Longbow given to you by the devil Skorm if you sacrifice enough people to him. I'm not sure how many, but I'd estimate 50, possibly 100 people.

The Harbinger
This is the best LONGSWORD in the game. Not the best weapon, but a very good one.

Travel to the
temple of Avo and pull it from the stone. To do this, your physique must be MAX. If that does not work, upgrade your health and toughness. That's garunteed to work.

Go to the sword, and you will be able to pull it out and wield The Harbinger.

"Sacred" White Robes
Okay, for this all you need is a Rose or some kind of gift. Go to Rose Cottage (Its on a quest, so if you have trouble finding it, find it on a quest). Find the demon door and hear about his broken heart. Give him a gift and he'll open. Inside, you'll find the Secret Haven. Locate a chest with a Will User's White Suit.

These robes make you look holy, and greatly boost your attaction rating and alignment.

Secret Hairstyle
After you fight the Wasp Queen look for a hairstyle card on the bench.

Walk through walls
Assign the spade to a shortcut on the D-pad, then put your back against the fence or door you are planning on pushing through. Then proceed to dig with your back against the wall until you have succesfully gone through the object.

Note:You must be on diggable ground to perform this trick.
Note2: If you get stuck in an invisible wall click the left thumbstick to sneak until you can move through the wall.

Huge Characters
Use Berserk then save your game. When you load the game your character will be huge until you cast Berserk again.

Health Elixir Glitch
When you get to Orchard Farm, for the Hobbe killing contest, or whatever, go to a small pond near the farm and fish. You find a Health Elixir, which boosts your max health. Hero Save, and start the quest again. The item will still be there, waiting for you to fish it out again.

What the alignment does
This is how the alignment (in full effect) will affect your character.

Blue Eyes
Light Blonde Hair
A Transparent Halo
Butterflies will flutter around you
People will fall in love with you

Red, glowing eyes
Gray, balding hair
Large Horns
Flies will circle you
Red smoke will rise where you stand
Pale Skin
People will run in terror from you

Bright Plate Armor Warning
If you're a majestic hero, you're probably in search of some bright plate armor. Only the Torso and Gloves can be bought outside the Witchwood Arena, so if you have any brain cells, you'll buy the Greaves and Boots. A certain trader carries the Bright Plate Chest and Gauntlets.

Pacifist Exception
In certain mission, one boast you can take is Pacifist. This means you cannot KILL anyone. NO problem. Just gear up with a weaker than average weapon, and beat the crap out of them until they're near-dead. Remember, if you don't KILL anyone, you're fine. Force Push and a weak Enflame work great.

Easy way to kill Undead
Undead are weak to both Fire and Silver. If you have a weapon with both Fire and Silver Augmentations, use that. You're bound to kill them twice as quick.

Unlmited Experience
Go to the Lychfield Graveyard, and in nearly any part of it, just walk around. Undead will continually sprout from the ground. They never stop,and give mass experience. Kill them until satisfied.

The Katana Hiryu
The Katana Hiryu is probably the strongest light weapon in Fable. It can be found in Lady Grey's Bedroom, and requires 15 Silver keys to open. One silver key is actually in her bed.

Hero's Guild Demon door
There is always the question "How can I open the door at the Hero's guild? I'm completely light, and everything!

Bring your lamp. It will open only for the lamp.

Easy Attractive +100
To get that ol' complexion looking nice to the ladies, with no tattoos involved (those are optional). Get these hair styles:

The Pudding Basin- Hair
Power Moustache- Moustache
Multon Chop Beard- Beard

Ladies will fall for you now!

Defeating Maze
Maze can be a real pain in the neck, but with a lot of Will Energy, or Will Potions, he's a snap to beat. First off, you will need certain things:

Battle Rush (The move that propels you forward, knocking down whatever is in your path, preferably high level).

A good amount of Health. He's very hard to hit at the beginning, and his lightning takes 43 health.

Many Will Potions.

Get close to Mazeand keep using that rush technique. He'll be knocked down. DO NOT give him a chance to get up. Knock him down again the second he gets to his feet. Continue this until he teleports. Now you need to find him and do the same thing. He has an explosion attack, but oddly enough, it won't hit you while you do this.

Keep rushing him until he's dead. It takes a long time, but is worth it.

Tooth Fairy Unlimited Money Cheat
First thing you have to buy a home. The next thing is optional upgrade the home. Next you have to rent out the home. When you have occupants living in the home sleep in the bed for 10 days. Now go outside and infront of the home should be 3 bags of money collect them. Repeat the process to have as much money as you want.

Key in Rose Cottage
Dig in the center of the ring of red flowers next to the Rose Cottage.

More Gold
Buy the house in Oakvale for 5000g. Mount the most expensive trophies you have (hotkey if desired). Smash the door and sell the house. The doorway will be open, allowing you to recollect your trophies, purchase the house, and repeat the process, earning a profit depending on the value of the trophies you mount.

Lady Grey Walkthrough
If you've become the arena champion, lady Grey will tell you of her wanting to marry. She has some options... You, you and, (if you play your cards right) you! Here's what she wants.

Quest 1- She'll ask for something romantic. Something that only she would want. Get her a nice black rose from the local shop of Bowerstone North, and talk to her, giving it as a gift.
Quest 2- Now she wants you to own a house. Walk to Bowerstone south, and buy the place on the east side of town for cheap.
Quest 3- Now she's lost her necklace. Ask the 5 different people around town marked by a green marker about it, and learn that its been stolen in Oakvale. Go to Oakvale's cemetary. Two thieves will converse about something they don't want you to hear. Sneak behind the wall and listen in. Its buried on the beach. Dig for it.
Quest 4- Now she's impressed, all you need to do is... Fight Thunder!? Yes, you need to fight Thunder himself. The fight begins at Headsman's hill, but you will be knocked off into a small cave. Finish him off here.

Now that you've proven your love, take Lady Grey's hand in marriage, and may you live happily ever after.

Get people wasted
Jewels and romantic knick-knack don't exactly tickle your mate's fancy? No problem! Go to the tavern and buy a few rounds for you AND your mate. Give them a few drinks and they'll get drunk.

Easy Good
For a good, nutrious, and utterly vomit-inducing meal, tofu is perfect for that hero who simply can't find the time to save the village AND make love to his wife, tofu will give you five light points for every one you eat.

Easy Evil
To become evil easier, buy some Crunchy chicks from anyone who sells them. Then, when the newborn looks you right in the eyes, with his innocence, the sparkle in its eye, the little thing cuddles up against your chest and then... CHOMP. Its good for an easy 5 evil points.

This is mostly a trick to obtain about 10k - 15k WILL XP for your hero, and it is repeatable, rather quickly.

This is assuming you have Physical Shield, Summon, and are at a place with a lot of badguys, such as the
Hobbe Caves. It will also help to have several Will potions, and a powerful weapon (Obsidian, Master, or a unique weapon). Too, if your Summon and Physical Shield is at a higher level, or just have a lot of Will potions to compensate for the mana usage.

Physical Shield is mainly to help you raise your Combat Multiplier without getting hit, therefor having no trouble getting it fairly high.

After you enter the Hobbe Cave Entrance, activate your Physical Shield and fight your way to the Main Chamber. Every time you use a door into a new area, it will halve your combat multiplier. Kill all the hobbes within the Main Chamber, and hastly make your way back into the Hobbe Cave Entrance. Fight your way back to the bottom of the stairs at the entrance, and by that time your combat multiplier should be around 20 to 22.

This is where you use Summon (the spell I've found to be most efficient for this type of trick). That spell uses a very low amount of will for each use, and each time you cast it, gives you 3 Will XP.

While your combat multiplier is as high as you can get it, cast that spell as quickly as you can, repeatedly.
You'll notice that your Will XP goes into the thousands within a few seconds. If your mana gets too low to cast the spell again, use a potion. It helps to turn off your Physical Shield before you begin your Summon spam.

I'm sure this trick can be applied elsewhere, but the
Hobbe Caves is the best place I've found so far.

Best wepons cheap
After you battle in the arena, you will have access to North Bowerstone where Lady Grey lives. In the middle of the area, marked in gold, is a shop with a guy that sells rare and powerful weapons like the Master Greatsword and master Longbow for at least 18,000 gold cheaper than that guy at the Hero?s Guild. Be careful what you buy, after you do business with him one time his shop closes and goes up for sale at about 150,000 gold.

How to get the Harbringer
Instead of what is said by an earlier cheat to get the harbringer, you need 5 more physique, 3 more toughness, and 2 more health then the first time you tried to pull the sword from the stone. (Or your stats could be maxxed to get the sword.)

The Murren Artifacts
There are two Murren Artifacts in Fable, and are both incredibly strong. Here is how to get them.

Murren GreatAxe
Found in a Blue Chest, requiring 15 Silver Keys, atop the Hook Coast Lighthouse

Murren Warhammer (My weapon of Choice)
Found as the first chest in the game(unopenable), at the hero's guild, in a blue chest requiring 20 Silver Keys. This weapon has an experience agumentation, so it makes great for upping your stats.

Infinite Experience
When you are versing jack of blades it is always good to have a few resurection phials on hand just so you don't die. When you have defeated jack of blades hero save before you make your decision to kill your sister or not. Then you will have all the experience that you get from killing him when you load the save. Then you will restart back at the heros guild before you have to go and kill jack.

The Ultimate Experience Guide
This trick requires ATLEAT level 2 lightning and massive amounts of Will Potions.

Go to the
Greatwood Caves (The area leading you to the Hobbe Cave). You should fight several monsters, then make your way into the Hobbe Cave. Continually use the lightning to hit two enemies. This will drastically increase your magic EXP. Once you have around 18K experience for magic and general combined, SPEND IT ON LIGHTNING. Common sense, if something works, it'll work even better if you upgrade it! Now, you have a stronger lightning that hits 3 foes, simultaneously! Get 48,000 experience (It may sound liek a lot, but it comes surpriseingly quick), and upgrade to Master Lightning. Now, zap the little buggers all day long and upgrade any magic.

Note- Every room full of Hobbes will give you around 8,000 experience if you kill them all with lightning.

Dollmaster's Mace
This is a really good weapon, but hard to get.

1- Acquire an entire set of BRIGHT Plate Armor
2- Acquire an entire set of DARK Will User Robes
3- Have your Bandit Gear ready.

Talk to the Demon Door first with your Bright Plate Armor, then your Dark Will User Robes, then Bandit Gear. It should open, and in a chest in there is the Dollmaster's mace.

Shut the Guildmaster Up!
The Guildmaster can be very annoying, always bugging you about quests,a nd worst of all: your combat multiplier. Perosnally, I've never seen a difference from when it was 0 or 50. To shut him up, you need a combat multiplyer of 30 or more. To get this, you need to have defeated Maze, and be on the way to stop Jack from unleashing the power of the focus sites all over Albion. Here, there are unlimited and in most cases easy enemies. Just kill one afdter another. In time, you'll have a combat multiplier of 30. Guildmaster shoudl say "I see you've MASTERED the combat multiplier." You won't get any stupid messages after that.

Extreme Experience
This little guidecan tell you how to get over 500,000 experience... it's not considered the best because at the time of the game, your stats won't need much improvement.

After you defeat Maze, Jack will be planning an all out attack on
Albion, by activating all the focus sites. Your job is to stop him, but along the way you encounter a limitless supply of not only monsters, but allies. For every ally killed,a nother will spawn. The monsters will do the same. These monsters give an extreme amount of experience. You find undead and those minions (The ones with the double-bladed sword). Just kill one after another until satisfied. If you're strong enough, and have good enough weapons, they'll be a pushover. Just kill until happy. I wound up with 563,752 exp from just one focus site.

Flaming Arrowed
This is small glitch that when you fire an arrow into the flame of torches it gets stuck, this also happens in Ladey Grays bedroom and the Secret Havan fireing inbetween two bed posts.

Secret Weapons+Sidquest
Sword of Aeons
At the end of the game, if you opt to kill your sister, watch he end credits in their entirety and you'll be able to continue playing armed with the awesome Sword of Aeons which kills most enemies with one swipe.

Skorn's Bow
If you make a series of sacrifices at the
Temple of Skorn at midnight, you'll earn yourself the Skorns Bow. To get 'followers' to the temple easily, hire mercenaries to fight with you and then lead them there.

All Social Moves
TO learn all social moves, everything from apologize to Swear, defeat Jack of Blades. Once he's dead, you'll read the credits DO NOT SKIP THESE. Once the credits finish, you'll be rewarded for your quest, with gold galore, and 20,000 reputation points, as well as Jack's Mask. Confirm the completion of the quet, and you'll once again be in the Guild Center. You'll have learned all social moves.

Max Experience
So you've beat the game and you go through the credits after you've killed your sister to keep playing with the sword of albion, but your not quite all maxed out on your abilities. This one is really easy now that you have the most powerful sword. You need for your absorb shield ability to be at least level two. Make your way to the cliffside path where the undead are in abundance. As soon as you are there use your absorb shield ability and start wacking away at the undead. They will drop magic potions all over the place which is good since the absorb shield drains your magic. Do this consistently for about 45 minutes to achieve your goal. I got my multiplier to 246 and gained 999,999 useable experience not to mention over 200,000 strength, 30,000 will.

Relationship don'ts
Okay, you're in a relationship. You want to get married for whatever reason. Here are some things NOT to do.
- Don't hit her. Whatever you do! This is an INSTANT relationship killer.
- Don't commit crimes infront of her. Not every woman in this game wants a "Bad boy".
- Don't buy her expensive gifts. Roses and chocolates have the same effect as diamonds or rubies.
- DO NOT FLIRT WITH CHILDREN!!! It's not only that they don't understand, its just plain nasty.
- Don't try for marriage if you don't have a house. No house means no marriage. And no marriage means no sex!
- Don't flirt with guards. They don't understand.
- Don't use your rude expressions. No one in
Albion finds Farting or Belching funny.

Defeat Jack of Blades
This boss, despite his appearance is rather easy.

He'll start fight on ground with the Sword of Aeons. Block and roll under his attacks to get close to him. Hit him and he'll block, so work up a flourish and take his health down. At half health, he'll grow tall and float. Now, go beyond the stone pillars thar rose up, away from Jack. Shoot arrows to lower his health. Jack can summon powerful minions, so lock on and keep stepping to the side. You should avoid the blasts and for a while, the minions, too. When the minions get close to you use Force Push and continue shooting him. Here's where being behind the stones comes in handy. Jack has a move in which it constantly takes health at an unheard of rate. Hide behind the stones to avoid that damage, but now you must fight minions. Continue shooting him, and eventually he'll die, leaving you with a final choice.

Marriage for Cash, Divorce for Darkness
Okay, getting married isn't hard at all. It'll cost a wedding ring, though but you'll gain it back.

Wear your most attractive clothes in town, and try to find someone with a heart over their head. Flirt, Sexy Hero Pose, and Manly Arm Pump are the only three things you need to do to make her love you. Once her heart is huge, it will fade in and out. Give her a wedding ring and it turns golden. Buy a house and lead her there. She'll ask to get married. Say yes and a cut scene appears and you'll find that you have a dowry of several thousand. Once married, hit her. You'll be divorced almost immediately and gain 600 Dark points.

You can have unlimited wives.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

F1 Career Challenge Xbox Cheats

Get a nice job
When you get your Super License, choose Arrows Team Racing as they are the fastest team. If you keep beating your Boss' expectations, you should get offered a job at BAR or Stewart within the first half of the first season. By the middle of the second season you could be driving for McLaren.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

F1 2001 Xbox Cheats

Bonus FMV sequence
Win all the trophies in the game to unlock the Season 2001 Review FMV sequence in the player review menu. This includes trophies for Custom GP Championship, Full Championship, Teammate Challenge, Domination Trophy, and all seventeen Single GP mode trophies.


Get 2001 Review Video:
Get Custom GP Championship Trophy
Get Full Championship trophy
Get Domination Trophy
Win all 17 trophies in single GP mode

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Evil Dead: A Fistful of Boomstick Xbox Cheats

Unlock Gallery Art
Each time you finish a level, concept art for the level in question will be unlocked for viewing by accessing the Extras menu.

Unlock Arcade Levels
Finish levels in story mode to unlock them for Arcade play.

Defeating Eldridge
Wait until he is walking toward a barrel and gets close to it. Then, shoot the barrel and it will explode, flipping him over. Start shooting him after he flips over. Later in the fight, he will start charging you. When this happens, run along the walls until he runs into one, then start shooting him.

Defeating Nathaniel Payne
Use your shovel like a baseball bat. Hold X and release when he throws a chunk of rock at you. Do not get the rock confused with the energy ball that is thrown.

Defeating Trisha
When she opens her mouth, throw a piece of dynamite into it.

Crystal order at the museum
The order to insert the crystals is red, yellow, blue, green.

Monday, November 24, 2014

ESPN Winter X Games Xbox Cheats

Chad's Board in L.A.
After finishing the first arcade mode go to the next one and to L.A. Then go to the ramp that leads to the mansion. Look behind the wall and you'll find it Chad's board.


Chad's board in L.A.:
After finishing the first arcade mode go to the next one and go to L.A., then go to the ramp that leads to the mansion look behind the wall and you'll find it

Sunday, November 23, 2014

ESPN NHL Hockey Xbox Cheats

All tasks completed
Press R(2), L, Left(2), Down, Y, R, Y, L, Up, Right, Y, Down, Left(2), Y, R, Down, Up at the game modes screen. Exit that screen then enter the cheat menu from the main menu. All tasks should now be marked as completed. All cheats can now unlocked individually by selecting them. After doing so, you can go to the team selection screen to choose any previously locked team, select the previously locked jerseys, and play the air hockey, mini rink, pond hockey, and speed hockey mini-games.

Easier scoring
To get a goal easier, do a wrap round. Go to the other side of the goalie and shoot. Note: This does not always work.

Easier rewards
To unlock more rewards on a higher difficulty level, go to "General Options" and choose the desired difficulty. Then, go to "Advanced Options" and turn down the CPU skills while turning up the human skills.

Easier wins
Go into "Roster Manager", and "Trade Players". For example, if you want the New Jersey Devils to win frequently, select their team, press Y, then cycle through the teams. Look for very good players (90+ overall) and select a couple of them. Trade them for players on the Devils such as Gionta or Stevenson, who are not very good. Even if you trade a 70 overall person for a 90+ person, the CPU will accept. When you are done, go back to the "Roster Manager" screen, select "Player Status", select the Devils, and scroll down the player names. Dress the players so they can play. Then, return to the roster manager screen once again. Go into "Edit Lines", change the lines, and put your players from the other teams into lines.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

ESPN NHL 2K5 Xbox Cheats

Unlock Additional Skills Competitions
Successfully complete the skills competitions without continuing more than 3 times during the entire mode. If successful, press and hold Up while pressing selecting Skills Competition to unlock additional challenges.

Friday, November 21, 2014

ESPN NFL Primetime Xbox Cheats

Various Cheats:
SHAKE IT UP - Get weather in dome stadiums
ALOHA - Pro Bowl Team & Aloha Stadium
SCOREBOX - Controled Scoring
HOWDY - Reliant Stadium
SHOW EVERYONE - Get Everyone
READY TO FUMBLE - Press L2 during game to fumble
SUPERMAN - High jumps & Dives
CAN'T TOUCH THIS - Super Runningback

Thursday, November 20, 2014

ESPN NFL Prime Time 2002 Xbox Cheats

Unstoppable ball carrier
Enter CAN'T TOUCH THIS as a code.

Super jumps and dives
Enter SUPERMAN as a code.

Enter READY TO FUMBLE as a code. Press L during game play to cause a fumble.

Aloha stadium and Pro Bowl teams
Enter ALOHA as a code.

Reliant stadium
Enter HOWDY as a code.

Weather in domed stadiums
Enter SHAKE IT UP as a code.

Controller scoring
Enter SCOREBOX as a code.

Show everyone
Enter SHOW EVERYONE as a code.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ESPN NFL Football Xbox Cheats

Unlock Big Head Mode
To unlock Big Head Mode, make a custom player.

Unlock Kickin' or Stickin'
To unlock this cheat, play the game three hours using one user name.

Unlock Paper Football Game
To unlock the paper football game in the Crib, finish one complete game in First Person Mode.

Bobble the Heads
When you unlock a bobble head doll, go to the bobble head case and select one of the dolls. Use the left analog stick to rotate the doll, and the right analog stick to flick its head.

Unlock Air Hockey in the Crib
To unlock Air Hockey in the Crib, win the Super Bowl.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

ESPN NFL 2K5 Xbox Cheats

Easy sack
Turn off all penalties, then get right next to the QB when you play defense. When he hikes, sack him, or wait until he drops back to get more sack yards. This is also an easy way to win the game (assuming that you score at least once and you don't screw up the sack technique somehow).

Air hockey table
Win the Super Bowl.

Barry Sanders
Play as any team in franchise mode and make it to the Super Bowl. Rush for more than 250 yards and win the game to unlock Barry Sanders. In the offseason, you can sign him to your team as a regular player.

Cheesesteak Dome stadium
Defeat Jamie Kennedy.

Dream Superdome stadium
Defeat Steve-O.

Electra Coliseum stadium
Defeat Carmen Electra.

Funk Field stadium
Defeat Funkmaster Flex.

Loco Arena stadium
Defeat David Arquette.

Easy Jukes
Use the Right Analog-stick to juke Move it to the left for a left juke, right for a right juke, up for a stutter step, and down for a 'stop short' move.

Plow Over Defender
If you have a power based or balance runner, run towards a defensive player and hold Y (shoulder charge) to plow over him.

Always Get The Ball
Use the following trick to always get the ball start a game. On any play, if your opponent has the ball press Start and go to 'Options'. Choose 'Crib Cheats' and turn on the 'Always Fumble On A Tackle' (if purchased) and turn off penalties. When you and your opponent select your plays, go behind the QB, If you touch anyone, you will be flagged. When you tackle him and there is a fumble, recover the ball. When you have to select a play, press Start, go to 'Options', select 'Crib Cheats' and disable the 'Always Fumble' cheat. When you begin the play, your opponent will not tackle you and cause a fumble. Repeat this as desired.

Beat The Salary Cap
Beating the salary cap can be frustrating with created characters. Instead, go to the roster for your favorite team, find the third string position player, then just edit his name, stats, and appearance. By doing this, your player will be rated 100 overall, but still be paid a very low salary.

Touchdown Pose
When you have bombed on an opponent and have no one around you while running towards the touchdown, slow down (by slightly pushing the Left Analog-stick) and your player will stop at the one yard line and pose before scoring.

Strange Sounds
Play at either the Falcons or Seahawks home stadium. You will hear bird sounds after a big play.

Easy Crib Credits in Franchise Mode
To get lots of crib credits in Franchise mode without playing most of the games to one of the games on your schedule,click start, and scroll down to gamecast live. When a screen comes up the has the field on it start the simulator. When it gets to the fourth quarter, press start then go to jump in.choose your team then finish the game. Everything that happened in the game you will get credits for.

$1,00,00 Crib Credits
Change your VIP profile name to PhatBank.

All Crib Items Unlocked
Change your VIP profile name to CribMax.

Completed Every Milestone
Change your VIP profile name to MadSkilz.

Air hockey table
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to WhooshTop.

All bonus stadiums
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to CelebToy.

Alternate playbooks
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to NewCover.

Big heads
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to BigTop.

Every milestone complete
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to MadSkillz.

Faster players
Select "manage" and change your VIP name to NOSShoes.

Monday, November 17, 2014

ESPN NFL 2K4 Xbox Cheats

Crib unlockables:
(The Bar)
49 points in a game = Newmark Bar Stools
3 hours playing = Classic Bar Stools
Entered Scrimmage Mode = Team Parking Sign

(The Living Room)
60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = Stuffed Couch [Black Leather]
Created a Playbook = Contemporary Recliner
Won a Pro Difficulty Game = Classic Coffee Table [think 5 mins min.]
40 Yard Touchdown Run = Sleek End Table
Entered Situation Mode = Sleek Console Table
Entered The Reference Guide = Country Console Table
30 Yard Touchdown Run = Team Street Sign
200 Rushing Yards in a Game = Team Parking Sign

(The Boom Boom Room)
Watched the ESPN Video Games movie = Sleek Home Theater
Watched the ESPN NFL Football Features movie = Big Screen Home Theater
Completed all the Tutorials = Sleek Credenza Shutout the Opposing Team = Team Photo B
No Passes Dropped by any Receiver = Team Photo C
10 Tackles in a game = 80's Wall Clock
1 Hour Playing = Game Ball A
Returned an Interception for a TD = Game Ball B
Commited No Turnovers = Game Ball C
70 Yard Kick or punt Return = Player Painting
*Poster D* *Other Sega Games Posters*
40 Yard Touchdown Run = Panzer Dragoon Orla Poster
5 Hours playing = Rez Poster
Created a playbook = Soccer Slam Poster
Entered the Reference Guide = Toe Jam & Earl 3 Poster
275 Rushing Yards in a game = Phantasy Star Online Poster
Entered Situation Mode = Virtua Fighter 4 Poster
Won a Pro Difficulty game = NFL2K Poster
60 Yard Kick or Punt Return = NFL2K1 Poster
49 Points in a game = NFL2K3 Poster

(The Game Room)
Five Hours Playing = Full-Sized Team Helment in Case
Entered Franchise Mode = Framed Team Jersey A
Created a Team = Framed Team Jersey B
Won a Tournament = Player Standee A
QB never sacked = Player Standee B
30 Tackles in a game = Team Drinking Glass A

Trivia Machine Mini-Game = Completed all the Tutorials Paper Football Mini-Game = Played a First Person Game

Big Head Mode Game Cheat = Created a Player
Kickin' or Stickin' Game Cheat (always 4th Down)= 3 hours playing

Ricky Williams Bobblehead = 275 Yards rushing
(My Boy) Jevon Kearse Bobblehead = 20 Tackles in a game
La'Roi Glover Bobblehead = Created a Player
Champ Bailey Bobblehead = Played a First Person Game

Priest Holmes- 6 rushing TDs in one game with same player
Corey Dillan- 400 yrds rushing in a game
Warren Sapp- 40 tackles in one game
Ladamion Thomelson- 3 ints in one game
Tom Brady- Return Fumble for TD
Tim Brown- Throw 6 tds to different players

30-yd TD pass Team Banner B and ESPN Football poster
40-yd TD pass Team Pennant A and Skies of Arcadia poster
60-yd TD pass Team Helmet Mug and Croc logo

49 points scored Newmark bar stools 63 Contemporary couch, Gorilla logo
77 Terrel Owens bobblehead, Power Pocket cheat
375 yds passing Mini-helmet, Sdtk HipHop #1
450 Team end table, NFL2K intro movie
500 Sleek couch, Aztec logo
10 tackles in a game 80s clock, ESPN sdtk
20 Kearse bobbler, Wolf logo
30 Team Glass A, Berman's Swamis Team
3 sacks Classic Credenza, Sdtk Electronic #1
5 Newmark end table, Gungrave poster
7 Team Rug A, Boar logo
3 INTs Tomlinsin bobbler, Sdtk Floigan Bros
5 Stuffed recliner, Ooga Booga poster

2 INTs w/same player Contemporary end table, Behind the Scenes w/Sapp video
Beat CPU by 56 points Team recliner, 2006 Super Bowl stadium
No dropped passes Team photo C, Michael Irvin free agent

Won a tournament Team player standee A, Sdtk Outtakes #2

Duece Mccalister- 99yrd run

Jerome "the bus" Bettis bobble- win an all pro game

Air Hockey- Win The Super Bowl

Donovan McNabb--250 passing yards/100 rushing yards same player

Randy Moss- 15hrs playing time

Clint Portis- 2000yrd caree rushing

David Carr- 25 career sacks

60-yd TD run Team Player Poster C, 2k1 Intro movie 350 rush yds Player Standee D, ESPN commercial #2
400 rush yds Corey Dillon bobbler, Sdtk SEGA #3 (Daytooona)

Bobble Heads:
After you unlock a bobble head doll you can go to the case and use the left analog stick to turn it and the right analog stick to bobble the head

Get Paper Football Game for Crib:
Finish the game one time using First Person Mode

Get Big Head Mode:
Make a custom player to unlock it

Get Kickin or Stickin Cheat:
Play for 3 hours using the same user name

Insane kick cheat:
To get the insane kick cheat you must get a 99 yard kick or punt return