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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mech Assault Xbox Cheats

Avoid PPC projectile
To easily avoid a PPC projectile when playing on Xbox Live, choose a mech that has jump jets. While the enemy is charging up their PPC, activate your jump jets. Once they fire, release the jump jets and the PPC will fly over you as you fall to the ground. This can be very effective against Mad Cats.

Listen To Your Surveillance Team
These guys have the skinny not only on the mission objectives, but places to hit for bonuses and places to outright avoid.

Watch Your Ammo Supply
Yeah, those short-range missiles are pretty impressive, but save them for larger targets. You've got a really limited supply. The best plan is minimum firepower for maximum result.

Dodge, Cover And Run
Don't walk into the line of fire, I learned the hard way. Use buildings and other structures for cover as often as possible. When you see those guided missiles heading your way, run like hell, and as erratically as possible. Sometimes you can shake them off and save yourself a world of hurt.

Smash Those Buildings
Inside many key structures you'll find health packs and other goodies. This can mean the difference between a critical failure and mission success. Also, many of the buildings are spawn points for tanks and other nasties. Destroy the buildings and you'll have fewer opponents to worry about.

Keep Cool
Heat is a factor that must be monitored. Certain weapons generate heat as you fire them, so once your weapon overheats it won't function anymore, which takes you right out of the battle. So you can use natural settings to get rid of heat, like jumping into a river.

Fit The 'Mech To The Mission
Prior to each mission you can configure your 'Mech's weapons through a wide variety of options. But the really cool feature is the ability to do mid-mission weapon upgrades. Remember those smashed buildings? If you find a weapons facility building, bust it open. Inside will be bonuses such as a brand new Heavy Gauss rifle that can be installed right there.

When you play the game on Xbox Live, choose Host Game or Optimatch, then play "Last Man Standing". When you die, you will become a human. Click the Right Analog-stick and you will commit suicide.

Tag enemies with flares
This trick requires you to be in a Mech that has a flare launcher. Get right up to an enemy mech (touching it), then launch a flare. It should stick to them. Any missiles fired from any enemy tank or Mech will hit the one "tagged." This also works on tanks, but they are smaller and faster.

Easy stats on Xbox Live
Two controllers are required for this trick. Sign into your Xbox Live account from the Mech Assault menu. When you are ready to play, create a match of your choosing (Destruction, Team Destruction, Capture The Flag, etc.), but set the number of people in the game to two. You can do this cheat by yourself. When you are in the team selection, mech selection, and skin selection room, make sure that if it is a team game that you are a different color from your guest (controller two). If its a game like Destruction, then choose a big Mech with lots of powerful firepower and have your guest control a weak Mech (like elemental). If it is a game like Capture The Flag, then choose a fast Mech and any desired Mech for the guest. Start the game and you can score points easily without worrying about being killed. Your stats will increase at the stats menu.

Cloaking Tips
To walk in the water without kicking up water behind you, simply cloak (turn invisible) while you are in the water and wait until you are completely invisible. Then you can not be seen while walking in the water.

You should entreat to walk while cloaked anyway, since running will cause your mech to appear in a faint outline.

Ragnarok For Multiplayer
To unlock the ultimate Ragnarok mech for online/multiplayer, simply beat the single player Campaign mode. The Ymir variant will also be unlocked.

Wall Walk
To walk up the side of most steep hills, face the desired hill directly. Begin to move forward full speed and as you are about to slide back down, turn quickly to the left or right, then quickly back forward. This can be repeated but takes a little practice. Very helpful in multiplayer CTF for those runners without jump jets.


How to unlock Ragnarok for Multi Player Mode:
Finish the game one time to unlock him for local play in multi player

Get New Mechs:
To get new mechs all you have to do is beat game on campaign mode. More mechs are as follows...
Easy:2 new mechs.
Medium:1 more new mech. Hard:1 more new mech. Difficult:2 more mechs.

Get Ymir:
You get Ymir the same way as getting Ragnarok,by beating the entire game. Ymir has different weapon choices that some may prefer in battle.

Beat "Size Matters" Easily:
If you've made it to Size Maters, the second part, you know that at the end, there are about 9 or 10 mechs. If you try to fight them, kill the one in the middle so that it kills the others in the explosion. If you want to beat the mission, run past them to the mansion. Put a chaff on it to attract the missiles, the start shooting. Try to get other mechs by it so it hurts them when it falls. Otherwise, choose to make the helicopters crash on the mechs. Hopefully you make it.

Instant Enemy Deaths:
This code instantly destroys your enemy, as long as they are in the right place. What you do is:
1. Make sure that your enemy is under, or RIGHT, IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO a bridge, or a building.
2. Use your weapons, cycling thruogh them, to shoot, bomb, or just DESTROY the bridge/building.
3. If your enemy was under or close enough to the now blown-up structure, than the enemy mech will blow up, and be dead.
*This works for YOU, too. If you are on/near/under the structure when it is destroyed, you will be... gone.
**If you are in multiplayer Grinder, this works, also.
***You can also weaken bridges beforehand, too. If you shoot the bridge enough, it will smoke, first at the far end, then middle, then close to you. Once it does this, a couple of shots will blow it!

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