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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Movie Xbox Cheats

Film trailer 1
Collect 1 treasure chest.

Mermaid-Man costume for Sponge Bob
Collect 2 treasure chests.

Extra long enemy antenna
Collect 3 treasure chests.

Sponge Bob Art Pack
Collect 4 treasure chests.

Bad Guy Sound Pack
Collect 5 treasure chests.

Film Trailer 2
Collect 6 treasure chests.

New Targetting Hand
Collect 7 treasure chests.

Story Movie 1
Collect 8 treasure chests.

Patrick Art Pack
Collect 9 treasure chests.

Movie Concept Art Pack
Collect 10 treasure chests.

Emergency Sound Pack
Collect 11 treasure chests.

Bash move
Give 5 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Three Thousand Miles To Shell City level.

Cartwheel move
Give 2 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the I'm Ready Depression level.

Smash move
Give 10 Goofy Goober tokens to mindy in the Bubble Blowing Baby Hunt level.

Sponge-Bowl move
Give 20 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Now That We're Men level.

Throw move
Give 25 Goofy Goober tokens to Mindy in the Shell City Dead Ahead level.

Sonic Wave Guitar
Give 40 Goofy Goober to Mindy in the Welcome to Planktopolis... Minions level.

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